Myanmar Marine Portal

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar possesses an extensive coastline and marine realm, with vast marine resources at its disposal. These natural resources have played an essential role in Myanmar’s history and will continue to play an integral part in the country’s future. Our Myanmar Marine Portal seeks to illustrate the current state of marine resources in Myanmar through spatial information and lay a foundation for future marine spatial planning (MSP) and conservation activities. The maps presented detail Myanmar’s physical marine environment, oceanography, marine habitats, biodiversity and fisheries, in addition to important human influences that will play a role in shaping the country’s marine environment.

1870 km2
of coral reefs


2800 km
of coastline

Geopolitical Context

Myanmar’s geopolitical context, including its global location and national coastline.

Physical Environment

Characteristics of the physical environment, both on land and within Myanmar’s maritime limits, from its depth zones and seabed slope to undersea features.

Marine and Coastal Habitats

Distribution of important areas of marine biodiversity and habitats, including mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass.


Information on the diverse biodiversity in the region including a selection of marine turtles, sharks, prawns and cephalopods found which can be used to inform fisheries management and biodiversity conservation.


From mean monthly sea surface temperature, temperature fronts, chlorophyll-a, net primary productivity, salinity and surface currents.

Fisheries Sector

Data from small-scale artisanal inshore fisheries to industrial offshore fisheries.


Local threats facing the marine environment including overfishing, coastal development, watershed and marine-based pollution.